Here is a new year, and one of my new years propouse was track my activity across the web. This became an issue because I start to publish different kinds of contents accross the web, using social networks like instagram, but this network is not appropiate for the kind of work that I do. So I decide to start this site, to control the flow of my content. This page will cover, 

  • Research
  • Game Develop
  • Events (food contents, christmas stuff, etc.)
  • Software developement learning and things that i learn. 

In this site, I will publish the content, and I will share a little description of this content across the social networks that I already have:

  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • Twitch
  • Youtube
  • Unity

This site is been managed using heroku, a postgres, database and django. In a next post I will talk about the structure and how I manage to use it. I still have a lot of work to do, but this is start.